Anonymous said: I strrted riding at a new barn to compete, but I feel like the trainer's training has ruined my confidence and eq. I dont know what to do.

Maybe ask her? -R

Anonymous said: Western saddles are like giant, heavy, child safety seats.

Hey respect all disciplines! I myself favor hunt seat but that doesnt mean western isn’t and easier! -R

Anonymous said: These past two weeks have been hell for me. Going to the barn,riding Journey,and having lessons have been what my life had revolved around,Early last week I was told the owners of my barn were moving to a different barn an 1 hr away,bringing all their horses with them,and selling the old barn if they could. Last Thursday I got an email from my instructor saying she was no longer teaching at the barn,She took a job elsewhere,I was heartbroken,yesterday I found out she may never teach riding again

I’m so sorry! Maybe ask around if there is a different barn? -R

Anonymous said: confession: nobody believes I can make a career out of horses and be happy.

Well its not there life of there choice so follow your heart!

Anonymous said: At my lesson today I was riding at this girl from my school who's a year younger then me was there, she was so much better. It made me feel really insecure and I tensed up and made a fool of myself...

We all have bad days! And dont worry, One day you’ll be showing left and right while she is just plodding around the ring on a nag! :) -R

hydro-chloric said: It really irritates me when people judge riders that are overweight. The last thing I would do is jump on a horse that I know would struggle with my weight.

I know it’s unfair! If you know your horse can handle the weight, then just tell them to screw off! -R

sentientmasstransit said: I worked at a barn for 7 years and had to pay each day to do it. Anywhere else I would have gotten PAID for the amount of work I did. I finally left last summer and haven't looked back since.

Good for you! -R

theparkwayaffliction said: I hate that my best friend and others in my school give me shit for loving english so much. I live in a rodeo town and barely anyone even knows what an english saddle is. I love rodeoing but english also has my heart.

Your duty is to your heart. I am in the same place your in now but I just say F*ck it I wanna be fancy. :) -R

Anonymous said: I'm bullied at my barn and even though I love my horse more than anything I might have to leave if this doesn't stop.

If your barn isn’t the place for you, try moving! Perhaps tell the barn manager/owner and your parents? I would. I hope this helped! -R 

Anonymous said: My trainer is threatening to sell the horse I've been training and riding for the past three years if I don't lease or buy him. I can't afford to do that, but I can't live without him either.

If it is meant to be, it will happen! Keep your head up! And perhaps work out a deal with your parents or trainer or both! -R